Telleby Verkstaeder

Of all the choroi workshops, the “Telleby Verkstaeder” is located the furthest north in Järna(Sweden).

Even during the drive from Stockholm to Järna (approx. 40 km), the extensive central Swedish landscape, characterized by birch forests, basalt rocks and lakes, is impressive.

When you arrive at your destination, you will find yourself in front of an extensive workshop complex with a large extraction system for wood chips and a CHOROI neon sign on the roof.

At the Telleby Verksaeder, productivity in the workplace is seen as an integral part of, rather than a contradiction to, social therapeutic work.

At the heart of the production process is a very well-equipped jig and fixture shop, which enables the manufacture of specially designed machines and tools. This means that people with disabilities can also carry out the complicated manufacturing processes of flute making. With six employees, the flute workshop produces between 15,000 and 20,000 Choroi flutes yearly.

However, at least as important as the impressive production results is the fact that it hardly matters in everyday working life whether someone has been certified as needing support or whether he/she is employed as a carer because everyone is equally “important” in the production process.

The employees proudly and confidently explain to each visitor which part of the flute they are working on and what needs to be observed. An example of successful inclusion at Telleby Verkstaeder.

The Choroi flute is the most widely used Choroi instrument in the world. With the effective manufacturing processes at Telleby Verkstaeder it is possible to meet this demand.

Telleby Verkstaeder


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