The Choroi initiative germinated as early as the late 50s and early 60s at various locations in the Netherlands, for example, at the Zonnehuis in Zeist, at the therapeutic in Haarlem and at Bronlaak residential, the working community in Oploo. Initially, it was still under the name “Child and Instrument”, but from 1964, it was named Choroi.

In 1966, Leef-werkgemeenschap Scorlewald in Schoorl was founded, and all activity was bundled in the musical instrument-building workshop there. Winches and sound tables were built, and thanks to the presence of Norbert Visser, the initiator of Choroi and Scorlewald, it was also a place of constant research and development of new instruments. Besides Norbert Visser, inspired musicians were constantly thinking along.

Together with these musicians, a set of instruments is gradually developing to meet current musical needs within music pedagogy and music therapy, among others. In 2024, the Choroi workshop in Scorlewald is facing a major restructuring. The main products at the moment are the Student Winch, the brass instruments and the hand drums.

Special tools accompany the production process, helping the participants turn their craft into a high-quality final product.


Copper lyre, student lyre, Sona streaming lyre, alto lyre
1871 AV

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