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CHOROI instrument making in the Troxler workshops

Since 1972, we have produced high-quality, handcrafted CHOROI instruments from selected local woods in the HolzArt manufactory of the Troxler Werkstätten—half a century of space for musical creativity and perception.
In cooperation with people with and without the need for assistance, the special children’s harps for the CHOROI network are created.
Here, the focus is on people.
The unique shape and surface create a particular sound that invites intuitive playing.
Whether in early musical education, in music therapy or simply for one’s playing. Choroi instruments impress with their own sound, which appeals to people holistically.

Our workshop team consists of five colleagues from the specialist and a highly heterogeneous group of 24 workshop employees – the entire staff of the CHOROI workshop is involved in the production. Only the machines are set up exclusively by the specialist staff; all other work processes are carried out independently by people needing assistance. Machines have also been individually adapted for this purpose, and participation is lived here pragmatically. Many of them have become experts in instrument making through many years of work – like a colleague who has spent his entire professional life in the CHOROI workshop and could tune all stringed instruments without aids thanks to his perfect pitch, a lucky coincidence for our workshop! But group work is also required here. For example, the fittings are attached together in a production line.
A unique feature is the production of high-quality cases – lovingly crafted wooden cases embedded with padded felt.
We also greatly appreciate the regular exchange with other workshops of the CHOROI network because this is where valuable impulses for future projects are created, and possibilities and capacities are jointly balanced.

The HolzArt Manufaktur
In addition, many other products are created in the HolzArt Manufaktur – the door harp has been part of our portfolio for 50 years, and there are a series of productions for, for example, the Sedulus Group and Manufactum. Contract work for long-standing customers and industry creates a diverse range of work.
Our workshop has an open door – many people, big and small, know this, especially during the Christmas season, to tune their instruments.

The Troxler Workshops

The Troxler workshops, which work according to an anthroposophical model and are based in Wuppertal, comprise 16 workshops that manufacture products from the materials wool, wood, metal, paper, beeswax and leather, but also process food in coffee roasting, kitchen and bakery as well as operate agriculture. Services are also offered, such as the laundry, the industrial service and an external gastronomy.
The workshops are part of the Troxler Verbund, a pioneer for inclusion in the region – where more than 700 people with and without assistance need to live, learn and work together.

“No human being is handicapped in his or her essence.” – This philosophy inspires the daily work at Troxler in Wuppertal. For more than 50 years, the workshops have opened up a wide range of opportunities for people needing assistance to find the job that best suits them. The aim is to offer people with different disabilities meaningful educational and work opportunities to help them find their permanent place in society. Based on the anthroposophical view of man, people are perceived holistically at Troxler: As beings of body, mind, soul and awareness. So, restrictions recede into the background, and each individual can develop their strengths jointly. Through the partnership-based cooperation of people needing assistance and trained specialists, high-quality products and services are created that carry respect for people, nature and the environment. This idea determines the choice of all materials and accompanies the craftsmanship right up to the finished article. Troxler does all of this “in a naturally social, genuinely human” way.

Troxler-Haus Werkstätten GmbH


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