Our Stringed Instruments

Our stringed instruments enhance a harmonizing musical learning experience.

They can be used for accompaniment and as group or solo instruments. Depending on their construction and number of strings, they will produce different volumes of sound and moods. The Pentatonic Children’s Harp and the Bordun Lyre are bestsellers and are complemented by a wide range of classical instruments, such as double bass, cello, viola and violin.
Chromatically tuned lyres
Our lyres are the ‘heart’ of our instrument collection. Starting with the Small Soprano Lyre, all lyres are chromatically tuned. These instruments all have a beautiful, clear and radiant sound. From simple, sturdy instruments for use in schools, to high-quality professional instruments, Choroi offers a wide range of lyres.

The characteristic construction of the Choroi instruments with their harmonious sound quality is inspiring for all musicians.
The new Choroi-Lyre
The newly developed forms of our latest lyres remains true to the Choroi design, while offering important innovations: The instruments are lighter and therefore easier to handle.