Karl-Schubert workshops

The Choroi workshop in the Karl-Schubert Community

Peter Schmitz brought the Choroi impulse to Filderstadt in 1976. He had previously been a choroi flute maker in Järna/S and moved to southern Germany for family reasons. His enquiry to the then still young KSW was met with open ears and appropriate support, he was able to set up the instrument making workshop and started making drone lyres together with 5 people with disabilities at the beginning of 1977.

Later, children’s harps and even soprano lyres were added. Choroi lyres were made until the 1990s, when the licence for this was given up again and the company restricted itself to smaller stringed instruments. After the workshop in Witten-Annen was closed, the wooden reeds were taken over and later the KSG developed the prim lyre.

Today, the Choroi instrument maker in Filderstadt employs 22 people with disabilities, produces around 300 musical instruments a year and operates the Choroi central depot for the national market for the Choroi complete instrument range of Choroi-Vertriebs GmbH.

The Karl Schubert Community

The KSG was founded in 1973 by teachers and parents/members of the Karl Schubert School/Stuttgart in Filderstadt. Karl Schubert himself was a close follower of Rudolf Steiner and a teacher at the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart. He quickly took over the targeted support of pupils and later the remedial class. As he no longer fitted under the roof of the reopened Waldorf School after the end of the war, a separate support branch was founded, which later became the Karl Schubert School.

The WfbM has grown from this tender but strong impulse 50 years ago into a centre for 280 people with disabilities. In addition, residential facilities provide a home for around 150 people with disabilities. With the Karl Schubert Seminar and the Rudolf Steiner Seminar as an anthroposocial academy, the school’s own seminar centre is a source of learning for 350 specialist students in the faculties of work education, curative education and curative education.


Karl-Schubert workshops

Children's harp, drone lyre, prim lyre, wooden reeds

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