Stiftung Humanus Haus

We are delighted you chose a Choroi lyre from our social therapy workshop. This lyre was made with selected local woods, sycamore maple and larch, for soundboards. Since 1964, Choroi musical instruments have been produced in various workshops according to the sound ideas of Choroi Impuls founder Norbert Visser.

In 1977, the Choroi lyre-making workshop was established in the Humanushaus, a socio-therapeutic living and working community founded in 1973.

Several lyre models made in the Choroi lyre-making workshop at the Humanushaus are played by lyre players worldwide.

A big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has worked in our Choroi lyre workshop over the years. Without all the employees, we would never have managed to produce so many lyres with incredible, loving care.

We would also like to thank the many lyre music teachers who use our Choroi musical instruments to spread the impulse into the world.

Stiftung Humanus Haus

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