Die Lebensgemeinschaft e.V.

Choroi instrument making at the Münzinghof

The Münzinghof community is an anthroposophical village community in the Franconian Alps, located halfway between Nuremberg and Bayreuth in a picturesque landscape.

Since 1978, people with so-called assistance needs and people with severe or multiple disabilities have lived and worked together here. 140 people, many children and animals have found a home here!

In addition to other trades and workplaces, there is a metal workshop at Münzinghof, which is located on the edge of the village.

If you walk towards this workshop, you can hear from afar that work is going on here: the sharp, howling sound of an angle grinder, the rattling of an electric welder, but between these loud noises, there is always the bright sound of a hammer on the anvil. In our metal workshop, musical instruments are manufactured alongside other products. Bronze rods are hammered, tubular bells are tuned, and triangles are bent.

We have been a member of the Choroi Association since 1990 and our instruments can be heard in schools and kindergartens as well as in orchestras worldwide.
But it’s not just metal instruments that are made in our workshops. Our employees in the wood workshop have also been making instruments since 2023. It started with the construction of cachons, and now claves and support blocks for Choroi brass tubes are made here. We are proud that we have successfully milled these blocks with their complicated shape on a small CNC machine (i.e. computer-controlled) purchased especially for this purpose.

The Münzinghof workshops are now an integral part of the Choroi workshops. After 34 years of active participation in this circle, we at Münzinghof want to carry the CHOROI movement successfully into the future together with the seven other Choroi workshops.

Die Lebensgemeinschaft e.V.

Triangles, pentangles, hand games, claves

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