Choroi Founder Norbert Visser
Norbert Visser, a dutch musician, musicologist and social pioneer was the founder of Choroi.
After studying violin at the conservatoire in Den Haag he set out on a career of performing and teaching. An early fascination with the phenomena of sound and music led him to explore them on the basis of anthroposophy. After initial trials with developing new kinds of violins, he soon began to create new instruments that are still fundamental to the Choroi instrument range today.

Later he founded ‘Scorlewald’, a social-therapeutic village community in Holland. Visser wrote essays on the phenomenology of music such as ‘The Secret Tone in Matter’
In later years he wrote many compositions for the new instruments.

Together with the social reformer Bernard Lievegoed he founded the trust  ‘Child and Instrument’ which later became the ‘Choroi Foundation’. Today it has become the ‘Choroi Associatione.V.  For more information on the history (link)